Urban Planning and Design Lab.
Toyohashi University of Technology


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May.29-30/2017 will Join the kick-off meeting of 3S-RECIPE managed by Dr.Vlad Mykhnenko, Oxford University
May.9/2017 a public lecture in Hasanuddin University Gowa campus, Indonesia. 'Toward Sustainable Society in Mature Nation of 21st Century'
Sep.8/2016 a public lecture in Gadjah Mada University , Indonesia. 'City shrinkage situation in Japanese local cities inclusing self introduction'
Aug.29/2014 a public lecture in Hasanuddin University Gowa campus, Indonesia. 'City shrinkage situation in Japanese local cities'
Aug.26/2014 a open lecture in Lambung Mangkurat University, Indonesia. 'Introduction of Japanese Traditional houses, the Roots of Japanese Setlements'
Aug.16-19/2014 the Sharette Workshop in IIda city completed


Urban Design laboratory started in April 2008 on TUT.
Our purposes are as follows:

1. to consider system and forms of comfortable and safe life environment in the scale view of district-city-urban-region,
2. to consider desirable land use control system for preserving health and cultural urban life and keeping vital urban activities,
3. to consider methods of urban design and preservation for high-quality urban environment and beautiful land/townscape,
4. to go upstream of urban planning history and roots of cities for "machizukuri" which thinks distinctive characters or inherence of each city important.

There are two themes mainly.
One of them is to clarify today's problems of land use planning in Japan and to propose desirable system for coming of urban shrinkage era in near future Japan.
The second one is to consider fundamental thought and planning technique of modern urban planning and citymaking process of modern age by studying Japanese urban planning history of 1868-1960s.
Additionally we study problems about land use planning and residential environment, up-grading of townscape and urban design, and modern urban planning history in foreign students' countries.

Recent study interest

● Land use control in suburban/rural areas through diagnosis of Area division/City planing area of Japanese system. ------case study cites: Hamamatsu City, Hisayama town, Kakogawa City, Takasaki City, Kakegawa City, Matsue Cty, Wakayama City,Iida City, etc.
● Skyline control and preservation in urban central areas for making clear images and beautiful landscape.
● Modern citymaking process of "Monzenmachi"s, roots of which were small towns formed along approach roads to major temples or shrines before modern ages. -----typical example: Nagano City of Zenkoji Temple.
● Planning thought and technique of reconstruction city planning against World War2 damaged cities. -------case study cities: Kochi City, Kumamoto City, Gifu City, Okayama City, Toyohashi City, etc.
● Planning thought and preservation problems of Phnom Penh central station plaza.
● Residential environment and up-graging problems of sprawled squatter areas of Kigali, Rwanda
● Planning method of implementing residential improvement project with Muslim custom in Kabul, Afghanistan
● Public space design from relative condition between visual fields and activities in apartment blocks in Banjaluca, Bosnia and Herzegovina
● Housing design and residential environment on riverbank settlements in Banjarmasin, Indonesia
● City shrinkage situation and its problem in Japan


photoContact Information

Jun-ichiro Asano
Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Toyohashi University of Technology
1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tenpakucho, Toyohashi, Aichi, 441-8580, Japan
e-mail: asano@ace.tut.ac.jp

Academic Staff
Assistant Professor : Kazauki Karashima
Assistant Professor:Ichen Liu

Student 2017

Michiani Meidwinna Vania(Indonesia)
Isfa Sastrawati(Indonesia)
Muhammad Yogi Raditya(Indonesia as twining program with Hasannudin Univ.)
Andi Lolo Sinrang(Indonesia as twining program with Hasannudin Univ.)
Ikku Kouno
Syotaro Tokuhara
Kento Shimooka
Yuta Morifuji
Kota Akimoto
Goki Iigaya
Takumi Kimura
Mizuki Hata
Ita Perdanawati(Indonesia)
Takashi Aizawa
Takaya Suzuki
Satoshi Ogasawara
Naoki Notsu
Rika Matsuura
Kusamawardani Shinta(Indonesia)
Reserach Student
Ariel Panadero (Philippine)


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